Bree (suffer_for_it) wrote,

Liberty Leading the People (II). April 2005.

The "big one" that I did over the course of a frenzied weekend, a week before the show went up. It's approximately 6' by 6', with life-size-ish figures. It lived with Than, Faith, and Steveo at the Fun Haus over the summer, then moved in with me in West Philly, and now happily resides in the North Philly antifas house where my friends will have the opportunity to vist and say "Hey, that's ME!" over and over, for years to come.

Note: They didn't print up a label for me, so I wrote up my own in sharpie -- on the wall.

Still under contruction in my old studio. Give you a better idea of the scale.

Note 2: This piece of art was brought to you by a 4-pack of Sparks and a helluva lot of chips and salsa.
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